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At the Studio



    David was born in Springfield Mo, His Father was a preacher and his mother was a classical trained pianist.

       David is a songwriter, musician and studio engineer. He has played in the Branson and Springfield area for over 35 years.  

    A writer of one award winning blue grass CD, also three piano instrumental albums that have been used as “Music Therapy”  by Counselors and Psychologist in stress release clinics for their sessions to create a calm environment for patients and children with hyperactive disorders.

     In the 80’s David worked in Springfield as a hairstylist, managing salons and playing clubs on the weekends. In the early 90s David wrote the Branson Baldknobbers Opening Theme Song “Here I Am” it was performed for years, sold on CDs,  video as well as the Baldknobbers TV and radio ads for the show.

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  1996 David went to work with Roy Clark in Branson Mo playing keyboards & banjo touring the United States and Canada. By the year 2000 Roy Clark sold his theatre and hit the road.  He has played on the Grand Ole Opry over 75 times, also backing / playing with numerous acts with Roys band like: Mel Tillis, Glen Campbell, Mikey Gilley,  Johnny Lee, Jan Howard, Vince Gill, Jean Shepard and many more, He worked with Roy Clark until 2018.

 In his off time David took 2 trips to Uganda Africa working for a children’s organization called Watoto,  learning their culture, writing, playing music in bands and mixing a Cd called Mamba Sawa. 

    David works in his studio recording music for other artist, TV shows, jingles, radio & TV ad’s along with his own projects.  His latest work is an all original bluegrass CD called On Down The Road that won an award in 2009 with JPF Music Awards.. Best Original Grass Roots Album. 

    After 30 years of touring, David returned to Branson and started working with Raiding the Country Vault Show which started at the at the Mansion Theatre, then moved to the Starlite , and finally the Americana Theatre. David played the piano, guitar and banjo for several years there, and shared the stage with a  talented all star cast that he was honored to be a part of.

  The next show David played in was Billy Yates Choices show, Billy is a good friend and a great talent! Performer, singer and songwriter. Billy wrote hits for major stars like George Jones and many more.


 David is in now in Branson working for The Redneck Comedy Bus Tours with a management position. This company began in Nashville 18 years ago with great success not only in Nashville but in Pigeon Forge as well. In the first year in Branson this company has achieved the number one Tour & Activities in Branson Mo. The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour has started its second year with a lot of promotion with the Branson Theaters in town, there is so much talent in Branson we want people to know how great these shows are and promote them.

Point of interest for Springfield history with Wayne Carson


   Here in Springfield my uncle worked for KWTO and the Red Foley show back in 1937 up to mid 50’s,  his name was Jerry Osburn.

     Wayne Carson the writer of “You Were Always on My Mind”

lived with my uncle in Springfield for many years in the old days. In my travels on the road with Roy we played shows with Wayne Carson and I asked if he remembered my uncle Jerry Osburn, He said with a big smile! Not only did I know him, I lived with him!  He taught me how to play the guitar! It was a great memory and I got to play You Were Always on My Mind with Wayne many times, one time it was just he & I, Piano & guitar,  it was an honor!

  I have many old photos of my uncle playing KWTO , other radio stations and TV shows with Waynes parents, Shorty & Sue. I made copies of the photos , gave them to Wayne on one of our road gigs, he sat down and cried.

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